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Voting results now available

Results are now available from the 2009 Spring vote.


63 eligible ballots were received by the deadline.  A list of schools voting is below.


2008 CEDA Nationals Video

Here is the video that was produced at the 2008 CEDA National Championship Tournament.


CEDA Awards - The All-American Debate Squad Award

The organization should honor a maximum of thirty CEDA debaters as those students who represent the best of intercollegiate debate. They should demonstrate competitive success, academic success, good conduct, and contributions to their squad. No more than two students from a given school shall receive this award. At least two recipients must be from community college programs.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm (central), Monday, March 6, 2017.

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CEDA Awards - National Debate Scholar

The organization should honor students who maintain strong academic records in addition to their competitive accomplishments. There will be no minimum or maximum number of students eligible for any of these awards. To be eligible for any level of national scholar recognition, a student must have attained at least junior standing, competed in at least 18 rounds on the current topic, and meet the minimum grade point average for that specific award.
a. National Debate Scholar – summa cum laude. Minimum 3.75 GPA.
b. National Debate Scholar - magna cum laude. Minimum 3.5 GPA.

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Round 2 pairings

Here is the round 2 pairing.

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Pairings for round 1

Here is the round 1 pairing.

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Using this site

I've created a tutorial to help with using the site. It is longer than I hoped (3 pages), but there is a lot of new stuff. Unfortunately, I've left a few things out. The best bet is to just play around and see what you can do. I hope to have the video tutorial up soon.

The most important piece of advice: "Open rich editor" in the body of your message to create formatted text, rather than one long paragraph. It is the only way to put line breaks in your messages.



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